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Large Roman Pool Unearthed under a School in Vibo Valentia, Italy

The Superintendency of Archaeology of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria and the province of Vibo Valentia announced the discovery of significant archaeological evidence, belonging to the Roman phases of the city of Vibo Valentia (located in southern Italy), in the S. Aloe district, within the Urban Archaeological Park. During the seismic retrofitting works of […]

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Carpenter’s Tools Found in a Room in the Villa of Civita Giuliana in Pompeii

This is the latest discovery in the servile neighborhood of the villa of Civita Giuliana, scientifically investigated since 2017, when it was rescued from clandestine excavators thanks to an agreement between the Pompeii Archaeological Park and the Torre Annunziata Prosecutor’s Office: a room, exceptionally well-preserved like the other two discovered in the same sector with […]

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“Sacrarium” with Paintings Depicting Allegories of the Seasons, Agriculture, and Pastoralism, Discovered in Pompeii

Recent excavation work in Pompeii by archaeologist Gabriel Zuchtriegel and his team has uncovered a room interpreted as a sacrarium, whose walls are decorated with allegorical figures representing the seasons of the year and agricultural and pastoral activities. The discovery of this sacrarium should be understood in the broader context of the social and cultural […]

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A Roman Structure of Concentric Walls Discovered Underwater on the Coast of Cerveteri in Italy

Recently, underwater restoration and enhancement work was completed on a Roman-era structure discovered in the locality of Campo di Mare, Cerveteri (north of Lazio in Italy). In 2021, the area had already been the scene of the discovery of a Cipollino marble column with its Ionic capital, linked to a circular structure about 50 meters […]

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Children’s Graffiti Found in Pompeii with Scenes of Fighting, Ball Games and Boats

In the excavations at the House of the Colonnaded Cenaculum in Pompeii, archaeologists have discovered a series of graffiti and drawings that, given the simplicity of execution, the naivety of the strokes, and the simplifications of the iconographic schemes, appear to have been executed by a child’s hand. The drawings were found on the long […]

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Cyriacus of Ancona, the Italian Humanist Considered the Father of Archaeology Who Identified the Pyramids and the Parthenon

Although the German Johann Joachim Winckelmann is generally considered the father of modern archaeology, it’s important to note that this science didn’t suddenly appear in the 18th century but had roots hundreds of years earlier, particularly in the Italian Renaissance, which revived Greco-Roman artistic and cultural classicism. Consequently, one might call one of those multidisciplinary […]

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Remains of a Mat-Making Workshop and a Restaurant Found at Pompeii

Recent excavations at the building complex of Insula I 14, 1/11-14 in Pompeii have revealed evidence of a mat-making workshop. The team of the Pompeii I.14 Project, a collaboration between Tulane University and the Parco Archeologico di Pompei, has been systematically excavating this area since 2022, uncovering the different phases of development of this sector […]

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A Bronze Age Site Discovered in the Venetian Lagoon Area

In the municipality of Mira, near Venice, archaeological excavations uncovered a Bronze Age site identified within the framework of hydraulic management, renaturalization, and landscape reorganization works carried out by the Consorzio di Bonifica Acque Risorgive in the area of Parco delle Giare. Archaeological evidence reveals that the area was located near the edge of the […]

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Iron Age Burial Mounds Predating the Arrival of Samnites and Romans, Discovered in Southern Italy

The Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape for the provinces of Caserta and Benevento announces the remarkable discovery of a pre-Roman necropolis in Amorosi (Benevento), in the Telesina Valley, characterized by a rich collection of burial goods. The excavations, conducted in accordance with preventive archaeology regulations, were related to the construction of a power […]