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Swains Island, the Paradise Atoll Owned by a Single Family Since 1856 and Disputed by the United States and Tokelau

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 180 kilometers south of the Fakaofo Atoll, which belongs to Tokelau, and 300 kilometers north of Savai’i, the largest of the islands in American Samoa, is Swains (or Olohega in the Tokelauan language). It is a small atoll of 3.5 square kilometers with an inner lagoon about […]

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Australia’s Highest Peak is in a Remote Place in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and the Antarctic

In the southernmost reaches of the Indian Ocean, nearly 2,500 nautical miles (4,700 kilometers) southwest of Perth and halfway between Madagascar and Antarctica (from which is separated by 1,550 kilometers), lies Australia’s tallest mountain. This is Mawson Peak, located not on the Australian mainland but in the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands, a […]

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Archaeological Research in the Kasos Strait Ends with 10 Ancient Shipwrecks and Finds from Prehistoric to Ottoman Periods

In late October 2023, the multi-year underwater archaeological study in the marine area of Kasos was completed. Since 2019, the research team from the Hellenic National Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, conducted four research expeditions in areas of special interest, using archaeological and historical evidence, sources, testimonies, and reports on the […]

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Greek Colonization of the Mediterranean and Development of Greek Alphabet Began 150 Years Earlier than Previously Thought

A team of dedicated researchers has recently made a remarkable discovery that sheds new light on the Late Geometric period in ancient Greece, a time that witnessed significant cultural advancements and the beginning of Greek colonization in the central Mediterranean. By employing cutting-edge radiocarbon dating techniques on animal bones found in stratigraphic sequence with Geometric […]

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Kerguelen, the Remote French Archipelago with More than 300 Islands Between Africa and Antarctica where a Hundred People Live

To an archipelago being known as the “Islands of Desolation” says quite a bit. If we also add that it’s located in the subantarctic region, meaning north of Antarctica and between 46 and 60 degrees latitude, the nickname is understandable. We’re referring to Kerguelen (which is its current name as “Desolation” fell out of use), […]

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The Small Island of Fraile, in Southeast Spain, Discovered to Have Been an Important Commercial Center in Roman Times

The Island of Fraile is a small island of 6.2 hectares located off the coast of present-day Águilas (Murcia, Spain), a city founded after the Roman conquest of the area and heavily transformed during the Augustan period (between 45 and 14 AD). The island was inhabited for many millennia: in Antiquity, it was a center […]

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Puncak Jaya, the Highest Island Mountain in the World and the Highest Point on Earth Between the Himalayas and the Andes

Due to its geographical location, between Southeast Asia and Australia in the Pacific Ocean and south of the equator, the island of New Guinea has a tropical climate with average temperatures of about 24 degrees Celsius all year round. However, it also has high peaks where temperatures can drop below zero, with abundant rainfall. One […]