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An Encounter 2 Million Years Ago with “Something Outside the Solar System” May have Triggered an Ice Age on Earth

Millions of years ago, Earth might have temporarily moved out of the sun’s protective shield, known as the heliosphere. This shield, depicted as a dark gray bubble against the backdrop of interstellar space, plays a crucial role in shielding our planet from harmful radiation and cosmic rays. According to recent research published in Nature Astronomy, […]

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Evidence of 6 Climate Changes Due to Variations in Earth’s Axial Tilt One Million Years Ago, Found in Southern Spain

A team of researchers has identified up to six climate episodes that occurred about a million years ago at the Quibas site, located in the town of Abanilla (Murcia, Spain). These findings, published in the journal Quaternary International, reveal a significant climate alternation for that period in Europe, marking the first time this pattern has […]