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Giant Predatory Worm Fossils More Than 500 Million Years Old Discovered in Northern Greenland

Scientists have uncovered fossils of a new group of predatory animals from the Early Cambrian Sirius Passet locality in northern Greenland. Dating back over 518 million years, these large worms were potentially some of the first animal carnivores to inhabit the water column, revealing a dynasty of hunters previously unknown to science. The new fossil […]

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The spectacular Northeast Greenland National Park covers almost half of the island and is larger than 165 countries

Established in 1974, it’s a vast protected area located in the northeast of the island, spanning approximately 972,000 square kilometers—about the size of France and Spain combined—making it the world’s largest national park. It occupies nearly half of the island, which has a total area of 2,166,086 square kilometers, surpassing the size of 165 countries […]