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Takht-e Soleymān, the Fortress that Housed the Most Sacred Place of the Sassanian Empire

Takht-e Soleymān, known as the Throne of Solomon, is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Iran, located in the West Azerbaijan province near the modern city of Takab. This fortified sanctuary, dating back to the Sasanian and early Islamic periods, has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2003, due […]

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The Enigmatic Ring Forts of Ireland and Great Britain, Home to the Fairies and Giants from Legends

Scattered across the landscapes of Ireland, Great Britain, parts of Scandinavia, and northern Europe are enigmatic fortified structures known as ringforts. These circular or oval enclosures, bounded by earth walls and ditches, mostly date from between 500 and 900 AD, a period that spans the late Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages in these […]

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The Impregnable Fortress of Vilars d’Arbeca, Built in the Iron Age with 5-Meter Thick Walls

The Fortress of Vilars d’Arbeca is a unique archaeological site in Iberian and European protohistory due to its impressive defensive features, which was discovered in 1975. Located in an alluvial plain about 4 kilometers from the town of Arbeca in the Catalan province of Lleida (Spain), the fortress was founded around 775 B.C., during the […]

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Thutmose III’s Fortified Royal Residence at Tel el-Hebua Discovered in Northern Sinai, Egypt

The Egyptian archaeological mission working at the Tel el-Hebua (Tharo) site in the northern Sinai area has discovered the remains of a building constructed with mud bricks that constituted one of the royal residences or palaces located at Egypt’s eastern gateway. This was announced by Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of […]

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Iron Age Urartian Fortresses with Shrines and Open-Air Altars Discovered in Türkiye

Archaeological excavations, ongoing since 2016 within the bounds of Tunceli province in central-eastern Türkiye, aim to identify new Iron Age and Antiquity settlements in the region and examine archaeological remains lacking sufficient information. Recent work uncovered a new archaeological site, Masumu-Pak Fortress, while also examining in detail some features of the already-known Aşağı Doluca Fortress. […]

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Sanctuary of the Water Goddess Anahita Found in the Fortress of Rabana-Merquly of the Parthian Empire

The ancient mountain settlement of Rabana-Merquly, situated in present-day Iraqi Kurdistan, was not merely a military fortress but may have also served as a “sanctuary” dedicated to the ancient Persian water goddess Anahita. The architectural structures near a natural waterfall and the remains of a possible fire altar suggest the existence of a place of […]

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Huge 4,000-year-old Fortification Discovered Surrounding the Khaybar Oasis in Northwestern Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of fortified settlements that inhabited the oases of northern Arabia between the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. A team of scientists from the CNRS research center and the Royal Commission for AlUla recently uncovered a fortification wall surrounding the Khaybar oasis in northwestern Arabia. The Khaybar oasis fortress, along with the […]