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Rare Mercury Head Found at Roman Archaeological Site in England

Excavations at Smallhythe Place in Kent, England, once used for shipbuilding, have delighted archaeologists with evidence of an earlier Roman occupation. Among objects from a 1st-3rd century CE settlement were the head of a terracotta statue of the god Mercury – considered “incredibly rare” by experts. Mercury was the god of commerce, trade, eloquence, messages […]

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Roman Egg Found in England Still Intact with its Contents

Archaeological research at a site in Aylesbury, UK has unearthed an extraordinary find that is reshaping our understanding of the past. Excavated between 2007-2016 for a housing development, the Berryfields location has kept scientists busy well after initial fieldwork concluded. In 2019, Oxford Archaeology published an in-depth report on decades of investigations at Berryfields, illuminating […]

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Saxon City of Lundenwic Found by Archaeologists Under London’s National Gallery

Archaeologists in London may have discovered some missing pieces of the city’s early history. A team digging at the northern end of Trafalgar Square found evidence that Saxon London’s center was larger and extended further west long ago than previously believed. The excavation took place as part of a renovation project celebrating the 200th anniversary […]

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Iron Age Site Full of Mysterious Pits Found in Suffolk, with Elements From Later Periods

Archaeologists from Cotswold Archaeology have been excavating land in the village of Chelmondiston in Suffolk, England. The dig site is located near the coast and uncovered evidence of how people lived in different time periods. Artifacts and structures provided clues about early settlers and medieval villagers. The earliest discoveries were from the Early Iron Age […]

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Diamond Rock, the Caribbean Crag Commissioned as a Royal Navy Ship and Disputed Between the British and the French

One of the most unusual battlefields of the Napoleonic Wars was located in the Caribbean, southwest of the island of Martinique. It is a basaltic rock located in the channel of Saint Lucia, about three kilometers from Pointe Diamant, which the British and the French fought over, seizing it from each other several times between […]