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First Ever Solid Fragment of Tyrian Purple, the Expensive Pigment Associated with Roman Emperors, Found

A significant archaeological discovery was made during the 2023 excavation at the site of an ancient Roman bathhouse in Carlisle, England. The dig, conducted by the Wardell Armstrong company, unearthed a small, mysterious piece of purple-colored substance, which later was identified as a fragment of Tyrian purple—the highly prized pigment once associated with Roman emperors. […]

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Mystery of Abundance of Silver Coins in Medieval England Solved: they came from Byzantine Empire

Between 660-750 AD, Anglo-Saxon England saw a major revival of trade and commerce. This led to a huge increase in the use of silver coins, moving away from just gold. Archaeologists have found around 7,000 of these old “pennies” made of silver. That’s a massive number, almost as many as from the entire Anglo-Saxon period […]

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Impressive Roman Helmet Found at Hallaton Restored for First Time on Display

Over two decades ago, an extraordinary Roman helmet was unearthed in a field in Leicestershire, England, and now this unique piece of early Roman cavalry equipment has returned to public display at the Harborough Museum. The Hallaton Helmet, discovered in 2001 by the Hallaton Field Work Group and the University of Leicester Archaeological Services during […]

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Archaeologists Reveal the Amazing Way of Life of the Prehistoric Inhabitants of the “British Pompeii”

An important report has revealed unprecedented details about the daily lives of prehistoric inhabitants in England from the remains of a Bronze Age village destroyed by fire almost 3,000 years ago. Located at Must Farm, the late Bronze Age settlement dates to around 850 BC. Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge excavated four large, round […]

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Earth’s Oldest Fossilized Forest Found: it’s 390 Million Years Old

Along the towering sandstone cliffs of the Devon and Somerset coast in southwest England, researchers have uncovered an extraordinary find – the oldest known fossilized forest on Earth dating back 390 million years. The fossilized trees, discovered and identified by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Cardiff University, represent the oldest fossilized trees ever […]

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Rare Mercury Head Found at Roman Archaeological Site in England

Excavations at Smallhythe Place in Kent, England, once used for shipbuilding, have delighted archaeologists with evidence of an earlier Roman occupation. Among objects from a 1st-3rd century CE settlement were the head of a terracotta statue of the god Mercury – considered “incredibly rare” by experts. Mercury was the god of commerce, trade, eloquence, messages […]

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Roman Egg Found in England Still Intact with its Contents

Archaeological research at a site in Aylesbury, UK has unearthed an extraordinary find that is reshaping our understanding of the past. Excavated between 2007-2016 for a housing development, the Berryfields location has kept scientists busy well after initial fieldwork concluded. In 2019, Oxford Archaeology published an in-depth report on decades of investigations at Berryfields, illuminating […]

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Saxon City of Lundenwic Found by Archaeologists Under London’s National Gallery

Archaeologists in London may have discovered some missing pieces of the city’s early history. A team digging at the northern end of Trafalgar Square found evidence that Saxon London’s center was larger and extended further west long ago than previously believed. The excavation took place as part of a renovation project celebrating the 200th anniversary […]