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Spielberg Was Right: Study Shows Five Triceratops Lived and Died Together

In the summer of 2013, a team of archaeologists from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands were excavating in Wyoming, searching for a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Instead, they made a remarkable discovery – not one, but several Triceratops fossils. This famous three-horned dinosaur with the large frill around its neck was found, not just once, […]

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Feather and Wing Analysis Reveals which Dinosaurs Could Fly

Most birds can fly, but flightless birds like penguins and ostriches have adapted to life without wings. Scientists, though, have much to learn about differences between flying and non-flying birds. In a new study published in PNAS, researchers examined hundreds of bird specimens from museum collections and uncovered common traits all flying birds share. These […]

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Tracks from 210 million years ago that do not match any animal in the fossil record discovered in southern Africa

Paleontologists in South Africa have uncovered evidence of creatures walking on bird-like feet over 210 million years ago. Researchers Miengah Abrahams and Emese M. Bordy from the University of Cape Town studied distinctive three-toed footprints called “Trisauropodiscus” found at many fossil sites in South Africa. For years, scientists debated what animals may have left these […]