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Scientists Discover the Base of a 100-Meter-High Star-Shaped Dune in Morocco Dates Back 13,000 Years

Scientists have finally solved the mysterious absence of star-shaped sand dunes in the geological record of Earth’s history, managing to date one of these dunes back thousands of years. This study, conducted by scholars from the universities of Aberystwyth, Birkbeck, and UCL, is the first to pinpoint just how long it took for a stellar […]

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Dzungaria, the Region where the Hyperboreans Could Have Lived, is the Place on Earth Farthest from the Sea

At the border between Kazakhstan and China, south of the Altai Mountains, there is an ancient pass called the Dzungarian Gate. Its geographical and historical significance is such that it has long been described as the only gate of the mountain wall that extends from Manchuria to Afghanistan, along 4,800 kilometers. Some researchers believe that […]

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Huge 4,000-year-old Fortification Discovered Surrounding the Khaybar Oasis in Northwestern Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of fortified settlements that inhabited the oases of northern Arabia between the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. A team of scientists from the CNRS research center and the Royal Commission for AlUla recently uncovered a fortification wall surrounding the Khaybar oasis in northwestern Arabia. The Khaybar oasis fortress, along with the […]