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Iliad-inspired Combat Tests Reveal 3,500-year-old Mycenaean Armor so Good it Could Protect for 11 Hours of Battle

A recent study has revealed that a 3,500-year-old Mycenaean armor, previously believed to be purely ceremonial, was actually suitable for use in combat. This discovery has significant implications for our understanding of ancient warfare and its role in societal transformations during the prehistoric era. Researchers conducted experiments with Greek military volunteers who wore a replica […]

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A 7th Century Warrior Buried in Hungary with Full Armor and Equipment and his Horse Unearthed

The Déri Museum in Debrecen, Hungary, has made a remarkable archaeological discovery after excavations in the locality of Ebes. In November 2023, museum archaeologists unearthed an Avar grave from the 7th century AD that contained the fully preserved remains of a warrior in his armor. Inside the tomb, the warrior was buried alongside his horse, […]

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One of Only Three Known Armor Arm Guards of the Roman Empire Reconstructed from Hundreds of Fragments

An exceptionally rare piece from the collection of National Museums Scotland has been meticulously reconstructed from dozens of fragments. Dating from the mid-2nd century AD, a brass arm guard will be displayed whole for the first time in nearly 2,000 years when it is loaned to the British Museum for their upcoming exhibition “Legion: Life […]