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Evidence of 6 Climate Changes Due to Variations in Earth’s Axial Tilt One Million Years Ago, Found in Southern Spain

A team of researchers has identified up to six climate episodes that occurred about a million years ago at the Quibas site, located in the town of Abanilla (Murcia, Spain). These findings, published in the journal Quaternary International, reveal a significant climate alternation for that period in Europe, marking the first time this pattern has […]

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Icebergs in Constantinople and a Frozen Black Sea: Climate Anomalies Triggered by Eruptions in Iceland at the Beginning of the Middle Ages

It was one of the coldest winters the region has experienced: in the year 763, large areas of the Black Sea froze, and icebergs were seen in the Bosphorus. Contemporary historians recorded this unusual weather phenomenon during the winter of 763/764 in their accounts of Constantinople, now Istanbul. Now, an international and interdisciplinary study conducted […]

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Researchers Reveal Major Epidemics in Roman Times, Such as the Plague of Justinian, Were Caused by Cold Snaps

Scientists have reconstructed temperature and rainfall records for the region of the Roman Empire between 200 BC and 600 AD using sediment cores from the southern Italian coast. This new study gives us the first high-resolution climate record for the heart of the Roman world during crucial centuries of its rise and fall. The researchers, […]

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Levels of Deoxygenation Similar to Current Ones Played a Key Role in Past Marine Extinctions

A new study warns that the current stability of marine ecosystems is likely more fragile than it appears. Ocean deoxygenation is expected to significantly increase in response to global warming and increased nutrient runoff from continents. Scientists have made a surprising discovery that sheds new light on the role low-oxygen conditions in the oceans, known […]

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Changes in Arrowheads May Show How Mesolithic Hunter-gatherers Responded to Climatic Changes

The development of new hunting projectiles by European hunter-gatherers during the Mesolithic may have been related to territoriality in a rapidly changing climate, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE by Philippe Crombé from the University of Ghent, Belgium. As a result of warming occurring at a rate of between 1.5 and […]