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People have been Living in Lava Tube Caves in Saudi Arabia for Millennia

Recent archaeological research in Arabia has uncovered interesting insights into the ancient history of the region. This interdisciplinary study sheds light on how people lived, migrated, and adapted to their surroundings over thousands of years, despite the challenges of migration and adaptation in arid environments. One breakthrough comes from exploring underground environments like caves and […]

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Fragments of Sculptural Decoration from Roman Imperial Nymphaeum of the Grotta Azzurra on Capri recovered

The Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape of the Metropolitan Area of Naples, in close collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Museums of Campania, the Command of Cultural Heritage Protection of the Carabinieri Corps of Naples, and the Command of the Underwater Carabinieri Corps of Naples, recovered valuable archaeological evidence from the sea at […]

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Prehistoric Subterranean Stilt Village in Italy Investigated, the Only One Known in Europe

The Pertosa-Auletta Caves, a karstic complex located at the foothills of the Alburni Mountains in southern Italy, have recently been the subject of a significant archaeological research project. Thanks to collaboration between local authorities and several scientific organizations, it became possible in January 2024 to temporarily drain a dam obstructing the entrance to the caves, […]

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A Burial Cave in the Mayan City of Tulum Found Closed by a Large Rock that Trapped an Individual

Archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico made a significant discovery while carrying out improvement works in the archaeological area of Tulum, Quintana Roo. By removing a large rock blocking the entrance to a hidden cave within the walled area of the Maya city, they uncovered the skeletal remains of […]

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Remains of a Paleolithic hut from 16,800 years ago, discovered in La Garma Cave in Cantabria

Recent archaeological investigations carried out in La Garma Cave, Cantabria (Spain), have allowed for the detailed documentation of the remains of a Paleolithic hut built 16,800 years ago. It is one of the best-preserved prehistoric dwellings in the world. The work was made possible thanks to the support of the PALARQ Foundation and the project […]