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Prehispanic Canal Networks and Pier Discovered in Tlatelolco

Comprised of 19 neighborhoods, the ancient city of Mexico-Tlatelolco boasted a complex hydraulic structure, as evidenced by the recent discovery of canal networks and a pier that would be modified in the early colonial period. Since late September 2023, the federal Ministry of Culture, through the Archaeological Salvage Directorate of the National Institute of Anthropology […]

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Ximen Bao, the Hydraulic Engineer who Created China’s First Irrigation Canal System and Abolished Human Sacrifices

Ximen Bao was a politician and philosopher who lived in the state of Wei between the 4th and 5th centuries BCE, during Ancient China’s Antiquity. He gained fame for two things: abolishing human sacrifices made in honor of Hebo (god of the Yellow River) and being considered the country’s first hydraulic engineer. He achieved the […]