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Europe’s Oldest Wooden Staircase was found Inside a Bronze Age Mine, Only 2 Percent of whose Tunnels have been Explored

One of the most important archaeological sites in the world is the Austrian village of Hallstatt, located on the shore of the lake of the same name and at the foot of Hoher Dachstein, the highest peak in the Salzkammergut Alps. Since prehistoric times, a salt mine has been exploited there, which is considered the […]

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How Archaeologists Discovered the First Diplomatic Treatises, Written in a Previously Unknown Language

In 1964, a team of archaeologists from the University of Rome La Sapienza, led by Paolo Matthiae, began excavating at Tell Mardikh, a site located 55 kilometers southeast of Aleppo, Syria. Their goal was to demonstrate that Syria had hosted its own cultures in ancient times. Over the years, the discoveries accumulated: ancient palaces, statues, […]

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Glass Beads, a Pin and Ceramic Vessels Found inside a Bronze Age Dolmen

Archaeologists excavating two ancient dolmens in the Golan Heights have made some intriguing discoveries that provide new insights into these monumental stone structures. Dolmens are megalithic tombs from the Middle to Late Bronze Age, between 3000 BC to 1200 BC, constructed from large stone slabs. They consisted of a central chamber made of cobblestones and […]

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Huge 4,000-year-old Fortification Discovered Surrounding the Khaybar Oasis in Northwestern Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of fortified settlements that inhabited the oases of northern Arabia between the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. A team of scientists from the CNRS research center and the Royal Commission for AlUla recently uncovered a fortification wall surrounding the Khaybar oasis in northwestern Arabia. The Khaybar oasis fortress, along with the […]

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The Byblos Syllabary, a 3800-year-old Writing System whose Inscriptions Have yet to Be Deciphered

In 1928 French archaeologist Maurice Dunand began excavating the ancient coastal city of Byblos, located in what is now Lebanon. Byblos was an important Phoenician city whose origin dates back to around 5000 BC and had a long history of trade and cultural exchanges with neighboring civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. During four excavation […]

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Bronze Age Fortification Discovered on the Small Island of Ustica, to the North of Sicily

A new and fascinating chapter in the history of the Mediterranean Sea adds interest to an archaeological settlement that, over decades of studies and excavations, has provided a rich and sophisticated treasure trove of artifacts, evidence of the presence on the small island of Ustica of an evolved and affluent community, whose existence was abruptly […]

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Seven Bronze Age swords and a treasure with 6,000 silver coins unearthed in Germany

The State Office for Culture and Monument Preservation (LAKD) presented on Wednesday three valuable discoveries made last year by volunteer archaeologists in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. These include seven Bronze Age swords, 6,000 silver coins from the 11th century, and a treasure with a reliquary, also from the 11th century. During the presentation of the findings, Culture […]