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A Bronze Age Site Discovered in the Venetian Lagoon Area

In the municipality of Mira, near Venice, archaeological excavations uncovered a Bronze Age site identified within the framework of hydraulic management, renaturalization, and landscape reorganization works carried out by the Consorzio di Bonifica Acque Risorgive in the area of Parco delle Giare. Archaeological evidence reveals that the area was located near the edge of the […]

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Evidence of 6 Climate Changes Due to Variations in Earth’s Axial Tilt One Million Years Ago, Found in Southern Spain

A team of researchers has identified up to six climate episodes that occurred about a million years ago at the Quibas site, located in the town of Abanilla (Murcia, Spain). These findings, published in the journal Quaternary International, reveal a significant climate alternation for that period in Europe, marking the first time this pattern has […]

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The Italian site of Pirro Nord does not Contain, as Previously Thought, the Oldest Evidence of Human Presence in Western Europe

A new study led by the National Center for Research on Human Evolution (CENIEH) has revealed the first datings of a significant Paleolithic site in Italy. Published in the journal Quaternary Geochronology, this study presents findings that challenge previous beliefs about the chronology of Pirro Nord, located in Apricena, Italy, suggesting that this site could […]

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Archaeologists Reveal the Amazing Way of Life of the Prehistoric Inhabitants of the “British Pompeii”

An important report has revealed unprecedented details about the daily lives of prehistoric inhabitants in England from the remains of a Bronze Age village destroyed by fire almost 3,000 years ago. Located at Must Farm, the late Bronze Age settlement dates to around 850 BC. Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge excavated four large, round […]

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Monumental Etruscan Tomb Discovered in the Necropolis of San Giuliano North of Rome

A monumental Etruscan tomb has been discovered in the necropolis of San Giuliano, north of Rome. After years of work, a team of archaeologists unearthed an impressive Etruscan tomb that had remained partially hidden underground in the rock-cut necropolis of San Giuliano in the town of Barbarano, north of Rome. The discovery occurred while researchers […]