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Scientists Launch the New York Declaration Stating that Animals, Including Insects, can be “Sentient”

In the past decade, the field of animal cognition and behavior has seen remarkable progress, with a series of surprising discoveries that have challenged our understanding of the inner lives of other species. From crows that can report on their visual perceptions to octopuses demonstrating a preference for pain relief, these findings suggest that a […]

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Expedition Finds Creatures Unknown to Science in an Underwater Mountain Range Near Rapa Nui

A team of international scientists recently explored the Salas y Gómez Ridge, a remote area in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile. During their expedition, they discovered an amazing variety of marine life, including over 160 species that were previously unknown to science. At least 50 of these are completely new species that […]

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The Story of Lampo, the Dog who Traveled through Italy Memorizing Train Schedules

Although it’s also a railway station, it’s not exactly Termini Station nor does it feature in any movies; in fact, Stazione di Campiglia Marittima is a modest spot in the Italian municipality of the same name, in the hamlet of Venturina Terme (Livorno, Tuscany), rather removed from mass tourism. However, anyone going there to catch […]

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Expedition Discovers More than 100 Astonishing New Species in Chile’s Coastal Seamounts

An international team of scientists, led by Dr. Javier Sellanes of Chile’s Universidad Católica del Norte, may have discovered over 100 new species living on the undersea mountains off the coast of Chile. The recent expedition by the Schmidt Ocean Institute allowed researchers to identify several potentially new species, including deep sea corals, glass sponges, […]

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The Secrets of Vocalization and Sounds Emitted by Midshipman Fish Discovered by Researchers

The midbrain of the vocal Plainfin midshipman fish, sometimes called the “singing fish of California”, plays an important role in initiating and patterning the trains of sounds used in vocal communication. It turns out the midbrain of these fish can be a useful model for how mammals and other vertebrates, including humans, control vocal expressions, […]

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The Battle of the Porpoises, when a Brazilian Cruiser Fired on the Animals Believing Them to Be a German U-boat

What’s going on with the Brazilian navy and marine life? Once upon a time, warships from that country had their ups and downs with the French during a conflict of grotesque proportions known as the Lobster War. Now, we’re going to look at an even more bizarre episode: the Battle of the Porpoises, an incident […]