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The First Known Strike in History Was Held in Ancient Egypt Because Ramesses III Delayed With Wages

Year 29, second month of the Inundation, day 10. Today the work squad crossed the walls of the necropolis [the checkpoint] shouting, “We are hungry!” Eighteen days have passed in this month [since the men] sat behind the funerary temple of Thutmose III. This paragraph corresponds to what is known as the Strike Papyrus, preserved […]

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Larrey, the French Surgeon who Created the First Ambulance Service, Treating Allies and Foes at Waterloo

June 18, 1815. Napoleon’s attempt to rebuild his empire, after escaping exile on the island of Elba and regaining control of France, came to an abrupt and disastrous end near a place called Mont Saint-Jean, which has gone down in history as the Battle of Waterloo. During the retreat, Prussian soldiers captured him while trying […]

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Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon’s Brother who Was King of Holland and Confronted Him after the Invasion of the Country by the French

It was the year 1851 when the prince president of France ordered the demolition of the old – and dilapidated – parish church of Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles in Paris. In its place, another church was built at his expense to house a family crypt. Among others, the mortal remains of his father, who had died in Livorno […]

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Subutai, the Mongol General who Conquered More Territory than Any Other Man in History

While the main character usually gets all the fame, it was common for the so-called great conquering statesmen to have, by their side and under their command, a military genius who provided them with victories. For example, Napoleon had Davout and Suchet, among many others; Itzcóatl had Tlacaélel; Pachacútec had Vicaquirao; Philip II had the […]

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Hitoshi Imamura, the General Convicted of War Crimes who Compensated Victims and Had a Prison Cell Built in his Garden

Hitoshi Imamura was a Japanese general who, at the end of World War II, was prosecuted for war crimes committed by soldiers under his command against Allied prisoners in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, a relatively mild punishment compared to other military members because he was […]