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The provenance of the stones in the Menga dolmen reveals it as one of the greatest feats of Neolithic engineering

The technical ability of ancient societies is reflected in the monumental structures they were capable of building. Determining the origin and transport of the enormous stones used in prehistoric megalithic monuments provides crucial information for understanding these achievements. Recent provenance studies of places like Stonehenge and Easter Island have improved our understanding of the role […]

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Remains of a Paleolithic hut from 16,800 years ago, discovered in La Garma Cave in Cantabria

Recent archaeological investigations carried out in La Garma Cave, Cantabria (Spain), have allowed for the detailed documentation of the remains of a Paleolithic hut built 16,800 years ago. It is one of the best-preserved prehistoric dwellings in the world. The work was made possible thanks to the support of the PALARQ Foundation and the project […]

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Analysis reveals the 9,000-year-old shaman of Bad Dürrenberg was the great-great-grandmother of the child buried with her

In 1934, construction work for the spa gardens in Bad Dürrenberg, Germany, uncovered a remarkable double burial from the Mesolithic period, around 7,000-6,800 BC. The burial contained an adult female and an infant, placed in an unusual arrangement that suggested the woman held an important spiritual role. Recent reanalysis of this important archaeological find has […]

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Early Paleolithic humans ate roasted tortoises, among other things

Recent archaeological discoveries are providing new insights into what early humans ate thousands of years ago. Scientists have found evidence that Middle Paleolithic humans, who lived between 81,000-45,000 years ago, had a more varied diet than previously thought. Analysis of a site in the Zagros Mountains of Iran reveals they hunted not just large grazing […]

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Discovery of Hundreds of Ancient Sling Stones Dating Back 7200 Years Provides Earliest Evidence of War in the Near East

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered the earliest evidence of organized warfare in the southern Levant region. A recent study published in the journal Atiqot 111 revealed hundreds of sling stones dating back around 7,200 years. The discovery provides insight into conflict and weapon production during the Early Chalcolithic period (5800-4500 BCE). The research was conducted […]

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The Hill of Tara, Ireland’s most Sacred Site, is full of Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval Monuments

In County Meath, about 50 kilometers northwest of Dublin, lies the Hill of Tara. It is a modest elevation, only 155 meters high, but its location has influenced its role throughout Ireland’s history, making it a site of great significance both symbolically and strategically since prehistoric times. The name “Tara” has ancient roots and is […]

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Giant 200,000-year-old prehistoric stone axe discovered in northwestern Arabia

A prehistoric giant stone axe, dating back 200,000 years, was discovered in northwest Arabia by an archaeological expedition. This finding, made in the desert near Al-Ula, could potentially rewrite the human history of the region. The team unearthed what appears to be the largest stone bifacial tool ever found. Bifaces are stone tools worked on […]