In preparation for construction on a plot of land between Limmatstrasse and Vogelsangstrasse in Gebenstorf (in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland), archaeological excavation has uncovered Roman wall foundations and debris, along with other discoveries.

This site, located about 2.2 kilometers from the ancient Roman legionary camp at Vindonissa, is slated to become a residential development with an underground garage.

The cantonal archaeology department has initiated a rescue excavation to document the archaeological remains before giving way to new construction. The excavation covers a significant area of ​​3,200 square meters, where several meters of soil are expected to be removed.

Limestone wall discovered at the site
Limestone wall discovered at the site. Credit: Kanton Aargau

Previous findings and studies conducted by the cantonal archaeology department in recent years indicate the presence of an extensive Roman settlement in this area, with well-preserved stone structures. Additionally, evidence of an ancient cemetery with tombstones of Vindonissa soldiers has been found.

A previous excavation, conducted in 2019 and 2020, revealed the remains of a large stone building, possibly used as a warehouse or administrative building. Discoveries included fragments of amphorae.

The excavation process will take place in two stages, from April to November 2024 and from March to May 2025. The construction area is expected to be available for new projects by early June 2025.

Uncovered stone foundations
Uncovered stone foundations. Credit: Kanton Aargau

The cantonal archaeology department will continue processing and preserving the recovered findings until November 2025.

This excavation not only protects the archaeological remains but also provides an invaluable contribution to understanding the history of Vindonissa and the relationship between Roman military camps and their civilian settlements.

The results of this research are expected to be shared with the public through guided tours in the coming weeks.


Kanton Aargau

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