4 Best Water Experiences to Have in Tarifa

People might know Spain mostly due to Antoni Gaudí’s designed stunning landmarks in Barcelona and its artistic capital, Madrid. But little do people know that this European hub of culture and art also has Tarifa – a small pack with an abundance of nature’s colors and beautiful landscapes.

Tarifa, a small town located on the southernmost end of Spain, has everything you can expect from an extravagant vacation destination. The mesmerizing ambiance, warm cafes, palatable cuisine, enchanting landscape and beaches which have their own charms. Some beaches in the world might be best to bask, others are good for water adventures, while others are known for their thriving party scene, but Tarifa’s beaches have it all!

Here are given things which you must try in Tarifa’s beaches instead of just sipping pina colada:

Kite Surfing:

The location of this town always keeps it in contact with the strong winds, which makes it the best spot for kitesurfing in the entire world. Yes, the kite surfing scene of Tarifa is that strong! Professional and novice kitesurfers head towards its beaches during the months of June, July, and August. Beaches in these months turn into a playground filled with colorful kites for surfing. Just grab kiteboard equipment and sneak some fun moments in your life by becoming part of this colorful ocean of kite surfers.

Here, companies like http://www.kiteobsession.com/ also offer kite surfing courses for a safer and better kite surfing experience.

Board Surfing:

Besides enjoying open-air kitesurfing sport, you can also enjoy water surfing here. Tarifa is a place where the Atlantic Ocean embraces the Mediterranean Sea, so it often encounters huge waves. These huge waves make it perfect for board surfing. But don’t get too daring if you aren’t familiar with it or the waves are too crazy to handle.


If extreme and crazy water sports are not your kind of things and you don’t want to feel adrenaline rush, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything else with Tarifa’s beautiful water. You can go for diving in the waters of Tarifa, especially the area around Isla de las Palomas is best known for diving experiences.

Fishing Trips:

Tarifa doesn’t only offer extreme and adventurous water sports. You can also go on deep-sea fishing trips for some amazing fishing experiences you will ever have in your life. You can hire professional services for a more pro experience or go solo by trusting your own guts. But it best to spend some money and hire a professional. Professionals come up with every required equipment on board to provide the best experience. These trips can be half-day long or full-day affair depending on how long it will take you to satisfy your fishing desire. Do give it a try!

Sitting idly on the beach while looking at people fighting with the waves might be amazing. But becoming part of this water sports mania is even more amazing. So, leave your favorite beach spot and explore other things Tarifa’s water has to offer other than just a beautiful view.