First up is “You Don’t Have To Do That,” recorded at the first Bringing It All Back Home sessions in January. It’s just a catchy solo acoustic thing, pleasant in its inconsequentiality. Clocking in at under a minute, it calls to mind some of the throwaways from the prior year’s Another Side of Bob Dylan. Bob had bigger and better things on his mind. Next, we move on to the summer of ’65 to the Highway 61 Revisited sessions for a tune known alternately as “Lunatic Princess Revisited” (likely a bootlegger’s tongue-in-cheek attempt at coming up with the quintessential Dylan song title) or “Why Do You Have To Be So Frantic.” Amazingly, Dylanologist Clinton Heylin has claimed that it’s the musical basis for “Slow Train Coming,” which wouldn’t appear until 1979. Maybe? It’s definitely a case of Dylan babbling into the microphone over a pleasingly funky groove. “Lunatic Princess” was probably just a way to blow off steam at the time — the rest of the session was devoted to recording a little ditty called “Like A Rolling Stone.”

Aquarium Drunkard publica cinco fragmentos de estudio correspondientes a las sesiones de grabación de Highway 61 Revisited. Algunos son bien conocidos y otros no tanto.

El caso es que se pueden descargar, simplemente haciendo un clic secundario en los enlaces y eligiendo guardar como. Que los disfrutéis.

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