Entrevista a Robbie Robertson

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One of the songs that is most redolent of cotton fields or plantations or prison camps is the traditional ‘Ain’t No More Cane’, which you covered early before The Band’s first album. Levon said that when you recorded that song, that’s when The Band found its voice. Firstly, what are your recollections of doing that song, and secondly, is it because of the song’s nostalgic roots that The Band were able to capture it so perfectly?

Well, I have a different recollection of that song. That comes from when we were doing ‘The Basement Tapes’, so there was new songs, and Bob Dylan knows all of this stuff about folk music that we didn’t know. So every once in a while he would pull out one of these songs that we’d never heard of or heard before, and a couple of them that stuck out to me were ‘Spanish Is The Loving Tongue’ and ‘Ain’t No More Cane On The Brazos’. And when he sang that song, ‘Ain’t No More Cane On The Brazos’, I said, ‘Wait a minute, teach that song to me. There’s something special in that.’