De la mano de Canal+ nos llega una serie de infografías en las que, de una manera en parte humorística, en parte práctica y funcional, nos explican los pasos que debemos seguir para realizar una película.

Canal+’s point — satirically expressed by BETC Euro RSCG, the agency that created these posters — is that even B-moviemaking is a herculean effort of will that only true heroes (or masochists) undertake. And the French media company (which helped finance Oscar-nominated fare like The Secret of Kells as well as Francis Ford Coppola’s highly-regarded comeback, Tetro) wants would-be filmmakers to know that, should they decide to take that insane plunge, Canal+ will be there to support them on the other side — by picking up foreign TV-distribution rights, perhaps.

Les dejo la dedicada a los films de terror.

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